Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Elephants are Walking

How do Elephants do Kinhin?

Right foot, left foot, hum, ho, ho, ho.

The elephants are walking
in the morning slant sunrays
softly like rain through the dry savannah
walking to water
little ones at the feet of the mothers
the mothers' ears the tails the group
is the living animal
at the rear a lone male carefully keeps his distance

Today the setting sunrays slant in my eyes
through California savannah oak woodland
I see the trees smell the smells hear the birds
delight in the golden glow
wonder why I feel the elephants walking
see them only with inner eyes not outer.

Somewhere the elephants are walking and my soul wants
to walk out of here and protect the earth
Buddha nature we may each have,
we may all be equal in this, but something is very wrong.
My heart is breaking.
I don't know where to turn.
Joy and the song start sobbing.
Tonight I feel like the lone male, following after the family,
mothers, babes, rambunctious kids, restless teenagers.
There may be some Way,
walking together-apart.

Be present, show up.


Dan Gurney said...

Hi! I got a good chuckle out of the Suzuki remark about life being like boarding a ship that will sink!

And the leash motto, too.

I hope you'll blog more!

Gordon said...

Loon, thank you for your interest in Friday Shoot-outs. We are in a transitional phase right now. Our numbers exploded so fast that we found ourselves with over seventy members. It was becoming very impersonal, so the decision was made to cap linked membership until, through attrition, our numbers declined to fifty. I believe we are down into the fifties now. If you would like to post with us, we encourage that. All you need to do is leave a comment on the blog each week and you should be visited by many of our members. We will put you on a waiting list. As soon as our linked membership descends below fifty, we will link the first on our list, and so on. I think you would be the first on the waiting list. If you will comment to Chef Elizabet that I invited you to get on the list, she will take care of it. She is over that area.
Thanks again. I enjoyed browsing your blog. Gordon

Loon said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Dan. The inner juices do seem to be fermenting, under the impact or your blog and others. I had no idea the richness of this medium.

Gordon, it took me several days to find out how to find your comment. Thanks so much. I hope I can manage to stumble Chef Elizabet's way, as well!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Loon: Love your Elephant poem - feeling such pain about the state of the world and wanting to be a sort of sentry to protect it. Clearly from your heart - and it reached mine.

I'm with Dan (who I love) please blog more. You could very well do some of that protective out-reach here in the blogosphere.