Friday, August 21, 2009

 The Odd Signs of the Times in California

Having delighted in the photos I just discovered on "My Town Friday Shoot-Out", I am uploading a few amusing sign photos, some local to the Bay Area, some from the "local" Sierra, in honor of this week's challenge: Funny Signs from My Town. Where is "my town" these days, anyway? Who is the "I" to have a town?  Our dog, Freya, has her own take on these things.

That which is emptiness is form, that which is form is emptiness.

I'll bet there's a good story here. Let's see.

They tell me the dogs of the Dow aren't welcome around here.

In this economy, no guarantees.

It wasn't our fault we all took a bath.
How do we get out of this mess?

If the pediatricians look like this, what is the chance for the rest of us in the health care world?
Altogether, Signs of the Times are most amusing.
May you continue to live in Interesting Times, and have your eyes
open for the funny edge of things!


Ann said...

The pedritrician must be very old. His sign has moss growing on it.

California is a great palce to live, nice and warm.

Patty said...

What a clever sign shoot out. I will let Gordon explain it all to you. I do hope to see you around and I will follow your site.

Love the dog photos. And what kind of story did you tell?

Have a great weekend.