Monday, August 24, 2009

What can we say that's true?


   Long ago I concluded that "god-talk" was delusionary. Human equipment is too small to grasp What Is, Is-ness, what moves the sun and the other stars, what time is, Before, Now, After, etc. etc. And our language is even more inadequate when we try to share intimations we've had. We continue to be the blind ones trying to talk to each other about the Elephant. Even talk not using the term "god" has the same problems.

   Sometimes I get a glimpse of what being-in-itself might be, looming just outside perception. If each of us has this essence, this buddha-nature, it must always already be actually there. One night, I was taking in the fading light of dusk, looking west, and experienced the Dark emerging from the Light. All day we walk around under what we call The Sky, as if it were an object. The brilliance of the sky takes over our sensorium, our awareness. But the Dark is out there all the time. It never actually goes away.

    All the stars and the galaxies are always already there, emitting their light, too, in the midst of deep space and void. (How few years we humans have actually had instruments to let us "see" them there.) All day long, the buzz of all the nearer sunlight in our eyes keeps us from seeing them. We think the sky is a solid sphere enclosing us. Illusion. Yet not illusion.

I'm off to walk through my day with this nugget to chew on. May all beings realize their true nature.


Butler and Bagman said...

Absolutely! When I was 12, I was prodding an ant with the bristle of a broom and it suddenly struck me that the ant's understanding of my life, based only on this huge log from the sky that was banging at him, was probably more than my understanding of God. I've developed a pretty strong faith in God (a word - like infinite) because I've been banged by some logs from the sky. But I go flat when people start explaining God's word to me. Yes, you are right -- it's way bigger.

Loon said...

I'm really enjoying following your blog, and grateful for your visit here. What a strong image to carry through your life--hitting an ant with a log--it really resonates over time.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Loon - I am reading a few of your previous posts and really appreciate your take on things. I am feeling very excited to have found you. Please keep posting!!

Jill said...

What deep musings. Really glad to read your posts. I think you'd really "grok" The Living Universe, by Duane Elgin. He uses the science of cosmology, quanum physics, and biology to deepen our understanding of the core spiritual beliefs of Buddhism (and other religions)....the unifying all-ness inherent in all forms, the life that is living us, and more. Keep posting!