Friday, August 28, 2009

A Walk in the Neighborhood with an Eye to the "Incongruous" (whatever that is)

Over at the blog "Friday My Town Shootout" it's incongruous photos in my town as the challenge this week. Taking up the challenge in a pedestrian kind of way, here are some ideas and some comments from the way-seeking mind.
Good fences make good neighbors?
Did the fence come before or after the flowers?
These are amaryllis.
They bloom every year from baked dry ground
Where no leaves show,
Just at Lughnasad, beginning of August.
Around here we call them
Naked Ladies. Does anyone know
Where this name came from and when?
I admire how the spiralled slender stalks
Hold up the heavy heads of flowers for
A whole month or more, with no water,
No visible means of support. 
They shine in the hot sun and don't wilt.
Amazing practice.
I don't think they came from these parts
To start out with, though. Who saw fit
To bring these beauties here?

This is the newest neighborhood watch sign.
And this is the Welcome Sign.
Much appreciated by this gentleman on his rounds,
And these ladies, as well.
For our final feature, analogous to the satellite dish
on top of the igloo
over at the blog ....Just Alaska, 
we have the neighborhood yurt on top of the
rockingest solar panel array in the East Bay.
There are more and stranger things in our universe than we dare ever see.
Incongruity is probably in the eye of the beholder, and if we had true beginner's mind, we would never be able to catch that incongruity--it's all just things-as-it-is, as Suzuki Roshi would say.


Chef E said...

Yes, I agree, it is in the eye of the beholder most times...I got your email, so that is fine, you are on the list! I will be checking up on you each week. I follow everyone, and love to see what is going on in others neck of the woods... -Chef E

Loon said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. I have been enjoying both the blog at Friday My Town and the adventures your crew lead us on. Incidentally, the home town here is officially Oakland, CA, but some of us call it "Oakleyville" because Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland borders are within a couple of blocks. Sometimes, I describe it at the Alaska Panhandle of Oakland.
Hope your weekend sparkles.