Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Sunday Meme    Page 123

Reading with delight the meme posted by Dan Gurney at A Mindful Heart, which in turn came from Sara Lulu at Normal is a cycle on a washing machine, I picked up the closest book with at least 123 pages, looked up page 123, went to the fifth sentence and now share three sentences...well, and just two more...

From Wendy Johnson, Gardening at the Dragon's Gate, At work in the wild and cultivated world.

I go to the redwoods for a little breathing room; not to escape the garden, exactly, more to be able to see and hear it again, fresh. It is cool in the woods, and dark. The out-breath of the forest is thick with saturated oxygen. I take my place among the elders, a gnat on the hide of God. A virgin's bower clematis climbs a hundred feet up from the floor of the forest and tangles overhead in the cathedral-like arched branches of the redwoods, where a pair of ruby-crowned kinglets have built their nest.

The last instruction is to tag 5 more people to do this. If you decide to do this, please leave a post here and share with the rest of us what you've been reading, and the message from where this shot-in-the-dark arrow landed.
On a Sunday filled with the moisture of a hurricane, preceded by thunder and lightning that "never" happen to us here in the Bay Area, and in the midst of unsettling times, I hope all will have a moment, at least, of true rest.

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Sarah Lulu said...

Oh what a lovely book that sounds!